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Voices of Resilience: Art in Times of Conflicts

This series of artworks, spanning from 2019 to the present day, vividly portrays the pressing issues of our time. It shows a visual narrative that delves into topics such as abuse of power, conflicts, protests, the increasing polarisation of society, and the unrelenting struggle for freedom. The artist examines contemporary issues and conveys them through powerful imagery.

People have various desires, both material and intangible, that they strive to achieve. While some aspire to gain power at any cost, others seek peace, harmony, balance of mind and body, and good health. People have different approaches to fulfilling their desires and aspirations. Some rely on violence and pressure, while others opt for civilized means such as agreements and diplomacy.

The artist wants to highlight the importance of intelligence and diplomacy in finding peace, freedom, and good relationships. It is crucial to be able to choose and pursue what you want in life by growing as an individual, being happy, making others happy, and driving society forward.