Tears For Fears


50×50 cm


Acrylic painting on canvas


The painting encourages the viewer to contemplate our relationship with the world around us, humans and our actions. The face is an image of a human that draws viewers into the world of vulnerability. It serves as a reminder of the profound connections between our inner world with different emotions and the external landscapes we navigate. We make choices and decisions ripple outward, creating events that shape our lives and the world around us. A fundamental truth we must acknowledge and understand is that every action we take has consequences. The call is to be mindful, responsible, and compassionate, understanding that even the smallest act can have a profound impact. By embracing this understanding, we can strive to create a world where our actions bring about positive change and leave a meaningful legacy.

In this artwork, a woman’s face takes centre stage, drawing viewers into her world of introspection and vulnerability. Her features reveal the nuances of emotions, melancholy but resilience. She looks at the urban landscape stretches out, a sprawling metropolis that has lost life and energy. It suggests a deeper exploration of the individual’s place within the larger context of society. The painting invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of modern life, the inherent struggles, and the resilience needed to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing world.

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