Milan and Rome 2018

The first art exhibition of 2018 🎨🎉 The Dance painting and Mindfulness are part of the collective art exhibition Milano E Roma Tra Arte E Cultura—the double dialogue between Rome and Milan.

In the fantastic halls of the Museum of Art and Science in Milan, next to the permanent exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci, the gallery “Il Collezionista” inaugurated the first exposition about the double event European Intercultural Activity. The opening aroused the curiosity and admiration of the public, and the vernissage evening was special. 

On 19 January, the second vernissage of the double European Intercultural activity event took place in the prestigious headquarters of the e-Campus University of Rome.

Thanks to the director and art curator, Dott. Gabriele Giuliani, the president of the Associazione Internazionale Galleria “Il Collezionista” and Roberto Giuliani for inviting me! Very nice to meet the president of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza Milano, Peter Matthaes and the pro-rector of the e-Campus University, Lorenza Lei. Also, many thanks to the art critic Elena Gradini for providing critical-exhibition support.

While staying in Rome, I had the opportunity to live in a truly delightful place, the Domus Sessoriana, which holds centuries of history. During my stay, I created two new artworks that I am very proud of. I completed these pieces in my studio located in Karlskrona, Sweden. Subsequently, certain art critiques highlighted them in publications. I showcased at the gallery in my hometown of Karlskrona, where they were successfully sold.