Karlskrona. Årets Nybyggare, Blekinge’s candidate

Årets Nybyggare in Blekinge country is the regional version of the award that King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden handles at the national level every year. The prize is instituted by the International Corporate Association in Sweden, IFS, to encourage active people who immigrated to Sweden and started a business, with limited resources and through hard and purposeful work, have achieved success in the business.
Svetlana Leuchuk is Blekinge’s candidate of Årets Nybyggare 2016.

On the picture: the artist with the governor of Blekinge County and the Swedish politician Berit Andnor Bylund (to the left). Artworks by Lana was exhibited in the governor’s residence in Karlskrona.

The homepage of H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s prize Årets Nybyggare.

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County Administrative Board of Blekinge.



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