Publications and media:

2018 International art volume We Contemporary, The Faces of Contemporary Art by Musa International Art Space, pages 202-203, 307,  Italy-Ukraine.
2018 International art in Hoglands,  Blekinge Läns Tidning, Sweden.
2018 SVT News, Blekinge, Sweden.
2018 Spotlight Magazine Issue 8, p. 47, France.
2018 The official catalogue dedicated to Tiziano’s artistic talent and following to the piece the publication of artist’s artworks, selected by the jury. The International Prize of Nations Tribute to Tiziano, page 65 . Venice, Italy.

2018 Art International Contemporary Magazine, March-April, page 116.

2017 Review published by Circle Foundation for the Arts, France.
2017 The catalogue «Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2018», Illustratörcentrum, Sweden.
2017 Luca Curci talks with the artist Lana Leuchuk during the ANIMA MUNDI festival in Venice, Italy.
2017 Catalog Francisco Goya International Award, Barcelona Gran Teatre del Liceu, May 6th, page 24. EA Editore, Italy.
2017 Art International Contemporary Magazine, May-June, page 55. Italy.
2017 Featured in the blog of London based community and an international luxury interiors network  TRENIQ/Lanagraphic Art & Design.
2017 Book Biennale de Arte Peschiera Del Garda, Italy.  Read L’Arena.

2016 «Svetlanas konst når ut i världen», Sydöstran 26 November 2016, Sweden.
2016 Book Contemporanei nella città degli UFFIZI. Artwork by Svetlana Leuchuk and art review by the critic Sandro Serradifalco, Italy.
2016 Art International Contemporary Magazine, November/December.
2016 «Stort prisregn på residenset», Blekinge Läns Tidning September 29, Sweden.
2016 «Svetlana Leuchuk is a winner of Entrepreneur the Year in Blekinge». Read the H. M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Price Årets Nybyggare homepage.
2016 Art International Contemporary Magazine, September/October.
2016 «They were awarded the prize», Sydöstran, Sweden.
2016 «Творчасць уражвае святлом і лёгкасцю», Голас Радзімы, September 1, Minsk, Belarus.
2016 Toscana Cultura magazine, July. Italy.
2016 Featured Artists, July 15, ArtTour International Magazine, New York, USA.
2016 ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Issue, New York, USA. Read release here.
2016 Catalogue «Premio Internazionale Tiepolo Arte – Milano», Italy.
2016 «Art without borders is exhibited at the Annexet» COMMERSEN, Sweden.
2016 «Award-winning artist exhibits in Sölvesborg», Sydöstran Sölvesvorg April 2, Sweden.
2016 «She took art from Belarus to Sturkö», BLT, Sweden.

2015 WINTER ISSUE 2016 ArtTour International Magazine, USA.
2015 «Svetlana shows her art in Miami» COMMERSEN, Sweden.
2015 South Baltic Storyville, StorybookInterreg South Baltic, Gdańsk, Poland.
2015 The catalogue «Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2016», Illustratörcentrum, Sweden.

2014 Affärsliv, Sweden.
2014 «From student participant to company owner», South Baltic Training Programme, book on issuu, pages 23-24, 28.
2014 Newsletter «Art project Integration». South Baltic Training Programme, Sweden.
2013 Das War Rostock.De, Germany.
2013 «NetPort project takes them into Europe» Sydöstran, Sweden.
2013 «They travel to Germany for the three-week internship» BLT, Sweden.

ATIM-summer 2016
Embassy of Sweden-Svetlana-Leuchuk
I Karlskrona-magazine--Lanagraphic