Solo exhibitions:

2017 – «Life, Consciousness and Soul», Litorina’s gallery, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2017 – Gallery Marcus, Colorful shapes, Ystad, Sweden.
2016 – The Residence of Governor of Blekinge country, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2016 – Café-club Faces within the project Different people, Minsk, Belarus.
2016 – Gallery Annexet, Sölvesborg, Sweden.
2015 – Karlskrona hospital’s restaurant, organized by Blekinge County Council’s art club, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2015 – Lilla Galleri, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2015 – Tegelgården Gallery, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2015 – Summer café Verde, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2014 – Klaura pop-up, People and Personalities Karlskrona, Sweden.
2014 – Wachtmeister Gallery, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2014 – Riksgallerian, Karlskrona, Sweden. See photo here.
2013 – Litorina fhskEn tjej, en pensel och färg, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2012 – Litorina fhsk Riktning Skandinavia, Karlskrona, Sweden. An expression of new start and challenges that the meeting with Sweden means. Watercolours in pure colours that symbolize a mood of the new environment.

Selected collective exhibitions:

2018 – International Biennal of Flanders, Oud Sint Jan Museum, Bruges, Belgium.
2018 – We Contemporary Art Show during the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta, Palermo, Italy.
2018 – Konstnär & Pinaulen Gallery, July – August, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2018 – Chelsea Art, New York, the USA.
2018 – Co-Existence, gallery RossoCinabro, Rome, Italy.
2018 Konstnär & Pinaulen Gallery, May, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2018 – Artbox.Project New-York 1.0. Juried international art exhibition, artworks on display at the Armory Artweeks, Stricoff gallery, New-York, the USA
2018 – European Intercultural Activity, Milan and Rome Between Art and Culture. Museo D’Arte e Scienza Milano, E-Campus University, Rome. Represented by the “Il Collezionista”, Italy.

2017 – Juried international art exhibition, Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, Italy.
2017 – KNA Design Market during the Archipelago Festival, Karlskrona, Sweden.
2017 – International Art Festival ANIMA MUNDI, during the 57th Venice Art Biennale, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, ItalyInterview.
2017 – International Biennale d’Arte Peschiera Del Garda, Verona, Italy.
2016 – The Contemporaries at Uffizi, Gallery Museum, EA Editore, Florence, Italy.
2016 – Effetto Arte, International Contemporary Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre Paris, France.
2016 – ArtTour International, Florence Design Week, Florence, Italy.

2016 – ArtTour International “Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art” at the castle Château Saint-Martin-de-la-Garrigue, Montagnac, France.

2016 – Parallax Art Fair London, England, U.K.

2015 – ArtTour International Magazine, Best of International arts at Red Dot Art Fair Miami, USA.

2015 – Atelier und Praxis für Kunsttherapie, Cottbus, Germany.
2014 – SBTP in collaboration with Art Gallery KH Karlskrona, «Integration», Szczecin, Poland.