Lana Leuchuk

Contemporary artist, Lana Leuchuk lives in Karlskrona, Sweden and produces paintings, digital media work, illustrations, drawings, watercolours and mixed media art. 

Lana trained to Decorative Arts and Crafts and earned a degree of teaching Fine Art and Drawing in 1998. She creates art pieces for various businesses and projects locally and internationally, has shown her works nationally and internationally, in Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, the USA, India, Sweden and Belarus, also appeared in notable publications and books for art galleries and museums.

The artist has been nominated and received several prizes for the artistic merit in contemporary art and received the certificate for the quality of her artistic work. She is the winner of the prize «Årets Nybyggare 2016» in Blekinge County, Sweden, the award that King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden handles at the national level every year.

Karlskrona artist Lana Leuchuk focuses on the faces and bodies, depicting a range of emotions with acrylic, watercolours and pencils, also combining with nature and intricate patterns. A woman often is in focus, as an expression of sensuality, femininity and peace, that bring a delicate feel to a unique balance of colours and composition. Since she lives by the sea she also creates a series of marine paintings that reflect the colourful elements of pure nature, the power in every view and the never-ending transformation with different light and colours.

Member of Konst Sweden

Member of Illustratörcentrum, Sweden

Vice-chairman Klaura Association, Karlskrona, Sweden

Member of the international interiors network TRENIQ, London, UK

VIDA artist, San-Francisco, the USA

Circle Affiliate artist, Foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France

Årets Nybyggare

Florence Design Week


Tiepolo Arte Milano with José Van Roy Dalí

Events 2018

European Intercultural Activity, Milan – Rome


European Intercultural Activity, Milan and Rome Between Art and Culture.

Museo D’Arte e Scienza Milano, E-Campus University, Rome. Represented and curated by the gallery “Il Collezionista”, Italy. Represented and curated by the gallery “Il Collezionista” Italy. Read more here.

Artworks in Residence, Rome


Represented by the RossoCinabro gallery in the historic Rome Center. The gallery has been listed as one of the top ten galleries in Rome, 10 Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries.

Address: Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, Rome, Italy.

Tribute to Tiziano, Venice


International artists took part in this cultural event and were awarded the prize for their careers. Many celebrities from the world of culture were present.

Scuola Grande della Misericordia Palace in Venice, Italy.

Read more here.

Valborgsmässoafton / Walpurgis Night Sturkö


Artist Lana Leuchuk shows her artworks.

30 april, 18 p.m, Sturkö Camping.

New, Cool and Talented at the Armory Artweeks New-York


5th March – 16th March, Stricoff gallery, New-York. Two artworks of the artist Lana Leuchuk were included in this project and were shown in the gallery as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECTS New York 1.0. Organized by the Artbox Gallery, Schweiz.

Click here for the video.

Vårsalongen, Karlskrona


Vernissage: 5 May.
Art Mingle: 9 May.

5th – 19th May, Konstnären & Pinaulen Gallery.

Address: Björkholmskajen 17, Karlskrona Sweden.

Chelsea Art New York City


The G. Art Agency of New York, Llc. presents Chelsea Art from 10 to 15 May 2018 at the Chelsea Market, district of Manhattan in New York. The event offers a great opportunity to invest in international art and is a showcase for established artists and young talents. Visitors to the Chelsea Market will find a good selection of paintings, photographs and urban art, sculptures in different styles and media, including the work of the artist Lana Leuchuk. The exhibition is curated by Joe Hansen.

#Alla tecknar!


Art turné #AllaTecknar (Everyone is drawing) will visit Blekinge’s places outdoors to engage children and youth in creation, with the artists Mattias Olsson, Sofia de la Fuente and Svetlana Leuchuk.

Join us on the 3-20 July!

You will meet Lana the 13 of July in Karlskrona (Sommarlovbussen) and the 18 of July at Brunnsparken in Ronneby.

Find out more on Region Blekinge website, on facebook and Konst i Blekinge website.

#AllaTecknar is a project for Art in Blekinge and Culture Center Ronneby Art Gallery, Region Blekinge and Ronneby municipality.

Art Exhibitions during the Archipelago Festival Karlskrona


21th July – 4th August, Konstnären & Pinaulen Gallery.
Address: Björkholmskajen 17, Karlskrona Sweden.
Vernissage: 21 July, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Art Mingle: 25 July, 6.30-8 p.m.

Live Green Arts Dot Festival, Karlskrona.


The festival takes place the 3-4 August in Hoglands park in Karlskrona, Sweden.

In collaboration with the Live Green Festival, Lanagraphic Design & Art Studio, supported by Region Blekinge, Karlskrona Municipality and the association Klaura – pop up Market.

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